We asked an expert what the top 3 trends in medical aesthetics are right now

As a society, we’ve really turned a corner in recent years with our acceptance of medical aesthetics — made clear by the sheer popularity of these treatments.

With an increase in people opting for cosmetic services, it got us thinking, “What are some of the top, most current trends within the booming world of medical aesthetics?”

To help us answer this question, we enlisted the help of Lancho Cephivenus, founder of 67 Degrees Cosmetic Clinic, a Science Backed Aesthetics™ clinic with locations in both Richmond and downtown Vancouver.

People want proven results, and fast

Often with cosmetic treatments, results can be subjective and sometimes quite minimal. According to Cephivenus, patients are looking for results that are visible enough that they don’t feel as though they’re wasting their money — they want to see the difference they paid for.

“For example, [as] one of BC’s top aesthetics clinics, 67 Degrees uses a Science Backed Aesthetics™ approach that performs scientific assessments using scanning technology prior to your treatment,” he says. “[This] can show you afterwards how your skin has been repaired or improved by using this technology, and a body fat analyzer to track the results of your body contouring investment.”

People want to look like they do using social media filters

5G Max Lifting™ treatment (67 Degrees Cosmetic Clinic)

Cephivenus also explains that for many people seeking cosmetic procedures, it’s a balance to have the desired differences made, while the work still appears subtle enough that it’s not obvious to their peers.

“Apps can filter out any shadows, dark circles, skin conditions, and basically enhance any feature imaginable,” says Cephivenus. “People are turning to cosmetic aesthetics to help portray that same image in real life.”

People are willing to try anything

Hydrafacial MD treatment (67 Degrees Cosmetic Clinic)

No one can deny that the beauty industry is booming. Whether it’s a filler to restore volume, some Botox to reduce wrinkles, or body contouring to help reduce fat and build muscle, people are wanting to try the treatments they’re reading about, according to Cephivenus.

But even with all the places out there offering cosmetic services, where you get your treatments done and the approach the clinic takes matters. “We believe in scientific aesthetics because science doesn’t have an opinion, it’s factual,” says Cephivenus.

Basically, 67 Degrees’ treatments come with supporting evidence that a patient’s skin is healing, wrinkles are diminishing, hair is growing, skin is tightening, and so on. This is all done through the clinic’s Scientific Skin Assessments, which show a “before” image that assesses problem areas, and an “after” image used to compare and show clients their objective results.

67 Degrees Cosmetic Clinic founder Lancho Cephivenus

67 Degrees Cosmetic Clinic founder Lancho Cephivenus with a full collection of Candela medical devices (67 Degrees)

To learn more about 67 Degrees Cosmetic Clinic and the treatments they offer, visit 67degrees.com.


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