Pores and skin glow definitions differ amongst consumers from radiance, luminosity, contentment and health and fitness finds Oriflame

The strategy of ‘glow’ experienced prolonged been important in splendor, but with contemporary aim on pores and skin well being in modern several years, the idea of skin that glowed had proliferated globally. But how specifically was pores and skin glow outlined? And was this unique relying on people?

Oriflame experienced invested in customer analysis to come across this out.

“I’m certain we’re all informed that glow is very substantially everywhere,”​ explained Cyril Messaraa, principal scientist at Oriflame.

“There [are] a large amount of statements – solutions with promises – but continue to, I believe we’re battling to have a concrete definition simply because glow is very subjective by character,”​ Messaraa explained to attendees for the duration of his presentation at the IFSCC Congress 2022 in London.

Customer perceptions critical

Findings from a initial research, conducted among 170 females from 18 countries, confirmed most girls connected glow with shininess, nevertheless other words deemed synonyms of glow bundled radiance and brightness.

Messaraa claimed this piece of global investigate interestingly and importantly highlighted the differences in purchaser perceptions on glow according to place.

In Mexico and China, for instance, glow was not just about outer physical appearance, rather extra carefully connected to “vibe and lifestyle”,​ he explained, with Mexican individuals conversing about sensation content and Chinese individuals about health and staying “clean inside”. ​By contrast, Uk customers viewed as glow pretty considerably external and associated to owning a “subtle shimmer”,​ he claimed.

The world-wide consensus on glow, however, was that it similar to “healthy skin”,​ he explained.


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