Natural and organic cosmetics market Europe to grow in pharmacies, beauty stores and online says Ecovia Intelligence

In 2020, the global natural and organic cosmetics*​ market was worth €10.28bn ($11.9bn), up 2.9% on the previous year, with the European market pegged at €3.89bn ($4.5bn), according to UK-headquartered research and consulting firm Ecovia Intelligence. Globally, the US, Germany and France were the three leading markets in natural and organic cosmetics.

*​Ecovia Intelligence defines natural and organic cosmetics as follows: For ‘natural’, a product must be made using plant extracts and other natural ingredients and avoid ‘contentious’ synthetic chemicals such as parabens, petrochemicals, artificial formaldehydes, mineral oils, aluminium salts and phthalates etc. For ‘organic’, the definition is the same as natural but containing certified-organic ingredients.

Natural and organic specialty stores ‘more saturated’ in Europe

Speaking at this week’s digital SEPAWA 2021 event, Iveta Kovacova, research manager at Ecovia Intelligence, said future growth of the natural and organics cosmetics sector in Europe would primarily take place in pharmacies and parapharmacies and non-specialist retail channels like beauty and department stores, spas and salons and e-commerce.

This, Kovacova said, was because specialist natural and organic retailers were now “more saturated”​ in Europe, with shelf space stable and no significant expansion anticipated. The COVID-19 crisis has also driven consumer demand for wider access of these products, she said, particularly online.

Trends in France – one of the most significant natural and organic cosmetic markets in Europe – were a good indicator of this growth happening beyond specialty stores, she said. Between 2005 and 2019 in France, sales revenues of natural and organic cosmetics from specialist retailers grew from €64.7m ($75m) to €220m ($255m) but sales from pharmacies and parapharmacies grew from €7.7m ($9m) to €257.4m ($298m). Sales growth from ‘other’ channels, which included spas, salons, department stores, beauty retailers and online grew from €18.9m ($22m) in 2005 to €114m ($133m) in 2019.


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