Interview With YA.BE: Re-Writing the Definition of Beauty

A crucial component to a beauty brand’s success is their commitment to a greater purpose for the betterment of their consumer. 

YA.BE beauty fully participates in this narrative, creating natural skincare and beauty products, and even pairing each one with a mindful audio podcast so women can elevate their internal and external beauty. 

I spoke with the two founders of YA.BE, Valeria Scargetta and Marghertia Paradisi, as well as the brand’s cosmetologist, Gloriana Assalti, and their psychotherapist, Consuelo Zenzani — to learn more about their company. 

YA BE beauty founders
In the Photo: YA.BE’s four founders | Photo Credit: YA.BE

What is the meaning of YA.BE’s name?

YA.BE: YA.BE is an acronym that stands for You Are Beautiful. The BE of “beautiful” is also representative of “being,” which is the deepest vision of YA.BE; you are most beautiful when you are able and free to be yourself.

What are the ethos of the YA.BE brand?

YA.BE: The pillars to make our dream of re-writing the definition of beauty to allow everyone to truly feel beautiful start with awareness of our consumers and awareness of our brand. We support our consumers in personal awareness through the podcast and we also place a high importance on the quality and consciousness of our brand’s cosmetics.

Who is the YA.BE consumer? What do they value?

YA.BE: The YA.BE consumer is a conscious shopper, well educated, rational and self-aware. They care passionately about skin health and personal wellbeing, both at body and mind level. They are people looking for high performing natural cosmetic products and are open to personal development. Our target age ranges between 25- and 50-year-old women. 

What is the production process of YA.BE cosmetics? What makes it truly sustainable?

YA.BE: We produce in Italy using only natural and vegetable ingredients. None of our ingredients contain allergens because we always want to be respectful of all skin types. All components are highly purified and carefully selected. We also use vegan formulation for the best nature can offer us. In order to be more sustainable, we have eliminated secondary packaging wherever possible and replaced it with cotton pouch. 

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For someone who is just getting started with skincare, what are some essential YA.BE cosmetics to try?

YA.BE: Our face masks are the best way to try the mindful beauty YA.BE experience. The application time of the mask is a lovely moment to take some time for yourself, listen to our podcast, and unite the body and mind.

Along with the mask, face creams and serums are a must. Our product range is organized focusing on the skin needs, so our Y – Raising Beauty line is focused on hydration, YY – Simply Beauty line is focused on nutrition and skin elasticity, and our YYY – Forever Beauty line is focused on skin regeneration and illumination. 

YA BE cosmetic lines
In the Photo: YA.BE’s Three Beauty Lines: Y- Raising Beauty, YY- Simply Beauty, and YYY- Forever Beauty | Photo Credit: YA.BE

The skincare line gives our consumer access to a library of podcasts to choose from. They have the freedom to decide the most appropriate one upon personal mood, feelings, and needs.

What can we expect to see in the future from YA.BE?

YA.BE: Expect international growth. We’ll be widening content including products and our podcast. The availability of the podcasts will also grow to other languages besides English and Italian. We are planning lots of experiences and events for our consumers.

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Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed here by columnists are their own, not those of the Featured Photo: YA.BE Beauty. Featured Photo Credit: Impakter Eco.


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