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Editing is one of the most important skills a Fortnite player should have if they want to win build fights against their opponents. To improve a player’s editing skills, it is often advised for them to hop on Fortnite Creative and practice in Edit Course maps. Here are the best map codes as of July 2022 that can help improve your editing.

Building structures and editing them to win a fight in classic Fortnite Battle Royale is nothing new for the OG player base as they keep on perfecting their skill. Newer players, however, mainly focus on their aiming skills and let the building and editing skills take a backseat.

Now that the Zero Build mode is in the game, these players do not even feel the need to learn how to build and edit anymore. For them, aiming is all they need to grab a victory royale.

However, if you still like the OG Fortnite with high-pressure build fights, you should learn how to edit those builds. Here are the best Edit Courses in July 2022 that will help you edit through your builds faster and more accurately.

Fortnite Edit Course Codes: July 2022

Star’s Ultimate Edit Course

Star's Ultimate Edit Course in Fortnite

Code: 1356-0099-8570

This is one of the longest and the most challenging editing courses in Fortnite. The map times the player as soon as they step foot in the editing course until they are finished with the last edit.

This encourages players to try harder to match the best time with every attempt. You can also restart the entire editing course by using the remote provided on the map. Just press the button and you can start again to beat your current time.

Warm Up Course Solo

Warm Up Course Solo Fortnite

Code: 9597-1873-8450

This map comprises a lengthy course that will not only help you edit builds while moving forward but also when jumping above your builds. Use this map if you want a fast-paced edit course that uses the latest Fortnite mechanics to their fullest.

Moreover, this map was also used by several players to perform an AFK XP glitch last season as it has hidden buttons lying around that grant you a bunch of free XP.

Candook’s Amazing Editing Course

Candook's Amazing Edit Course Fortnite

Code: 5866-8252-4604

Candook is a veteran map creator who is known for creating challenging 1v1 and Edit Course maps for a few years now. He has around 44 maps published in Fortnite’s Creative library, most of which are based on warm-ups and practice.

In this latest map, Candook raises the bar for any player who wishes to edit faster by increasing the difficulty of builds and edits. He has also reduced the time players will get to finish the entire course as they need to push themselves harder to become the next pro at editing.

Raider’s Piece Control Edit Course

Raider's Piece Control Edit Course in Fortnite

Code: 6178-9192-1637

Raider’s maps are well known amongst Fortnite pros as they put quite a challenge in front of those who attempt to beat them. Unsurprisingly, this map is one of the toughest Edit Courses out there as it not only focuses on your editing speed but also accuracy.

Piece Control is a term used by OG Fortnite players when they take over their opponent’s builds in a sweaty build fight. This map puts you in a similar situation and helps you to gain piece control the next time you’re in a build fight.

Edit + Aim Parkour Season 3 Chapter 3

Edit + Aim Parkour Map in Fortnite

Code: 1376-3755-5847

This map was created by Fortnite map creator Pan_Go who is a veteran at creating challenging practice and warm-up maps. His latest map has gained popularity as it can be considered a 3-in-1 map.

This course does not focus on editing alone, because as soon as you edit through a build, you might encounter a bot firing at you so you can test your aim skills along with it. Moreover, there are certain places on the map where your parkour skills, combined with mantle mechanics will come in handy.

Flea’s Editing Dictionary

Fleas Editing Dictionary Map in Fortnite

Code: 7301-0487-6832

This map was created by Fortnite pro Faze Flea, who is known as one of the most veteran map creators in the community. The edit courses that Flea makes are mostly based on his knowledge of editing mechanics that he himself uses in competitive matches.

Flea’s Editing Dictionary will offer you a masterclass in editing as this is one of the fastest maps in Fortnite Creative. From editing cones to ramps and floor pieces, this one has it all.

Blueprint Battle

Fortnite Blueprint Battle Map

Code: 3840-8537-4348

This map is one of the official maps made by FNCS All-Star Creators. Blueprint Battle was one of the challenges in FNCS All-Stars Showdown that took place in June 2022.

Out of all the battles, the edit race was one of the toughest the pro community had ever seen. The Blueprint Battle map has a total of 11 courses that a player has to clear with accuracy and speed in a single attempt. This map could be a great one if you want to level up your editing skill to match the pros.

Jordystorm Edit Course

Jordystorm Edit Course in Fortnite

Code: 4240-3520-4824

This map is perfect for players who want to practice their editing skills solo. It features several structure formations ranging from a cone to multiple ramps and stairs stacked on top of one another.

It can also be used by veterans or pro builders to do a long warm-up right before they jump into the Battle Royale island and showcase their editing prowess.

OrangeGuy’s Warm Up Map v1.8

OrangeGuy's Warm Up Fortnite Map

Code: 9672-0800-1824

One of the most popular speed edit courses out there, this one promises a good challenge. There are 4 levels ranging from Easy to Very Hard that you can choose from, based upon the intensity of Warm Up you’d like to engage in.

The map features multiple Ramp Up Floor Edits and times your movement and edits throughout until you hit finish. OrangeGuy’s Warm up map is best to use if you have an upcoming tournament and you like doing high-ground retakes.

Edit Hardcore and Build V2

Edit Hardcore and Build V2 map in Fortnite

This map consists of a long edit course that players, both pro and amateurs, can practice in. It not only consists of hardcore edits but also helps the player in their skill progression as well.

As your editing skill keeps on improving, the time to complete the editing course will gradually decrease. This map is mostly used by pros for long warm-up sessions right before the tournaments.

Now that you know the current best Edit Course maps in Fortnite, we sure hope they will help you improve your editing skills and will help you win sweaty build battles in 1v1 situations. We will keep you updated if there are any new maps out there that you might miss in the future.

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Image Credits: Epic Games


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