Fortnite concept artist gives new meaning to pay-to-win skins and cosmetics

The concept of pay-to-win skins is not something new in Fortnite. Throughout the years, some skins have developed a certain reputation in the community for being better than others. A good example of this statement would be skins like Bushranger, who can blend into greenery, or the dreaded all-black superhero skins.

This gives players an edge in matches and allows them to earn easy wins. That being said, the skins alone are never enough to guarantee a win. Those using them still have to be skilled enough to outplay opponents using strategy and critical thinking.


So while cosmetics are labeled as pay-to-win, it’s not the whole truth. But what if they were? What if cosmetics can truly give players an edge in matches; not just by blending into the environment but by giving them a proper edge in combat with superpowers? Well, one concept artist has brought that idea to life in Creative Mode.

Pay-to-win Fortnite cosmetic concept is mind-blowing

A concept creator known in the community as BetterFNnews has been whipping up some fantastic pay-to-win cosmetic concepts in Fortnite. Currently, there are three videos that bring these concepts to life. One of the videos features Thor Odinson and the Bring The Hammer Down built-in emote.


Usually, when the character uses the emote, all the effects are just graphical in nature. Aside from lightning strikes that can get a bit too bright, everything else is just cosmetic. However, in the concept video, when Thor Odinson brings down Reformed Mjolnir, the lightning strikes that are produced deal damage.

They are devastating enough to obliterate everything in a small radius, including a wooden structure and two innocent Timber Pines. While it cannot be said with certainty, Thor Odinson must have been hit by a few splinters as well. Readers can watch the video here:

Aside from this one, there are two other videos as well. One features Frozen Peely and the Snowshaker emote, which when used, creates a cold-wave that destroys everything in a small radius. The other features none other than the original Dark Lord, Darth Vader. Using his Dark Side emote, he destroys a structure and force-chokes an opponent in combat.

Should Epic Games release real pay-to-win cosmetics and skins in Fortnite?

Despite many readers hoping for this to happen, it’s unlikely that something like this will ever occur. Since Fortnite only deals with cosmetic items, providing power-ups and ability-based cosmetics is not something they would be interested in developing. While these will work well in an LTM, they’ll never be added to Fortnite’s main playlist.


If something like this is added in, rather than being a free-to-play and free-to-win game in the truest sense, players will have to start investing to win matches. Given the negative PR that exists surrounding multiplayer games that have this feature, Epic Games is likely going to stay as far away as possible from the same.

The only place in Fortnite where skins do have abilities is in Save The World Mode. However, since it’s PvE, it does not raise red flags. This is how the mode was envisioned and created. That being said, while having pay-to-win skins and cosmetics sounds fun, it will destroy Fortnite and its fanbase in a very short span of time. Thus, they are better off being left only as concepts.


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