Buccal extra fat elimination: The cosmetic surgical treatment netizens are obsessed with

When numerous talked about natural beauty trends in the finish of 2022, 1 beauty technique that usually popped up was buccal extra fat removal. Some movie star names ended up thrown in much too, but only design Chrissy Teigen owned up to obtaining it completed. Buccal unwanted fat removal operation is nonetheless on the lips of several, many thanks to social media. Some have provided it a thumbs up and other individuals even now have uncertainties about the beauty operation. Let’s find out what is this excitement all about and if going for buccal extra fat elimination surgical procedures is the way to get effectively-defined cheeks.

HealthShots contacted Dr Rashmi Taneja, Director, Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Operation, Fortis Medical center, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, to know all about buccal extra fat elimination surgical treatment.

buccal fat removal surgery
Buccal fat elimination medical procedures is just one of the most talked about cosmetic surgical procedures. Graphic courtesy: Adobe Stock

What is buccal excess fat removal surgical procedures?

You need to have observed the extra fat among your jaw bones and cheekbones, that’s buccal excess fat. Some women really do not head it, but other individuals want their cheeks to seem fewer puffy. Acquiring complex, Dr Taneja explains that buccal extra fat removing surgical procedures consists of eradicating the “Bichat’s extra fat pad that is just one of the deep extra fat pads in the cheek identified in between the cheek muscle groups.”

Is it okay to remove buccal unwanted fat?

It is true that people are curious about famous people likely for buccal fats removing surgery. A different widespread dilemma is if it’s all right to eliminate buccal fat. The specialist says that it is okay to take out buccal extra fat, but prior to setting up the surgical procedure you have to recognize that it is an irreversible approach.

Buccal fat doesn’t appear back again soon after the medical procedures

If we speak about fats removing treatments, we usually wonder if it will occur back after some time. That’s not the circumstance with buccal unwanted fat removing surgery, as after the buccal fat pad is entirely eradicated, it does not come again following medical procedures. It is a nicely-defined excess fat pocket in the cheek and will not reform or re-accumulate as soon as it’s removed.

buccal fat removal surgery
Buccal fat removing operation has aspect outcomes. Test some facial area workouts instead. Picture Courtesy: Adobe Inventory

Facet results of buccal fats removal surgical procedures

You can say goodbye to puffy cheeks with buccal fat removing surgical procedure, but there are two main downsides. Elimination of buccal fat pad can make your experience appear gaunt. And it can incorporate decades to your age.

You can always test facial physical exercises to get a sharp jawline if the surgical procedures does not operate out for you.

Greatest age for buccal body fat removing operation

If you have a spherical facial area with comprehensive cheeks and even now want to give it a shot, Dr Taneja suggests that typically the acceptable age for the surgical treatment would be mid-20s. She suggests a particular person who needs to undergo the operation, commonly wishes better definition to the facial area and a far more contoured look to their confront.

Recovery soon after buccal body fat removal operation

The buccal unwanted fat removing operation is normally done from inside the cheek or mouth and there are stitches inside of the cheek.

• There will be some submit-operative inflammation and distress whilst ingesting, so you will have to try to eat smooth food stuff for a 7 days to 10 times until the stitches mend.
• It is also critical to manage great oral cleanliness when the healing is getting spot (oral health and fitness guidelines).

Buccal excess fat is not likely to harm you in any way, but if you still want to go for the surgical treatment, do it only following possessing a very long dialogue with your medical professional. A social media development should not be the explanation for undergoing this irreversible cosmetic surgical procedure.


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