Beauty offers ‘no rules environment’ for experimentation

Earlier this month, Mintel revealed its predictions for the top trends that will drive global consumer markets over the next five years. Cosmetics-Design Europe caught up with analysts Simon Moriarty and Andrew McDougall to get their takes on how the beauty industry can harness these trends.

Me mentality: a shift away from beauty norms

The first trend identified in Mintel’s 2023 Global Consumer Trends report​ was that consumers were refocusing on themselves after spending the last two years putting their own needs on the back burner and adopting a community mindset.

The pandemic disrupted many of the daily routines and habits that mold a person’s identity and consumers were redefining who they are and realizing they do not need to be the same person as they were in the past. Brands could help them take center stage as they navigate through this period of invention, said Mintel.

Simon Moriarty, director of trends, EMEA, at Mintel, said that beauty and cosmetic brands were well placed to help people accentuate and flatter their unique features and encourage them to move away from traditional beauty standards and expectations.

“Bold makeup, colorful hair dye and more of a focus on the ‘me’ will appeal to those who want to show off their individuality and creativity,”​ he told this publication.

Looking further ahead, Mintel predicted that people would use the metaverse to develop unique identities and that this would result in “fragmented identities”​ where consumers build out and express different parts of themselves on different platforms.


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