Ashland reveals natural, nature-derived and biodegradable personal care solutions, and nature-positive STEM education program for village farmers in India during in-cosmetics

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Growth through ESG is demonstrated with innovative portfolio launches as Responsible Solvers™ program increases farmer income and quality of life for broader community

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WILMINGTON, Del., April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With a renewed strategy that includes an intense commitment to environment, social and governance (ESG) as a growth driver, Ashland Global Holdings Inc. (NYSE: ASH) today revealed several high performing natural, nature-derived and biodegradable skin and hair care innovations at in-cosmetics Global in Paris, France.

The company also showcased an innovative supplier partnership for the sustainable farming of guar under their Responsible Solvers program which is powering sustainable, profitable growth for local farmers and small villages in the Sriganganagar district of Rajasthan, India. The STEM education program, held in partnership with the SM Sehgal Foundation, is increasing farmers’ yield and income, lowering production costs, expanding the local economy, and positively impacting the environment.  

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Hair care
Styleze™ es-dura ingredient is a plant-based, hair care ecostyler for leading edge styling performance and sustainability. This novel ingredient draws on Ashland’s expertise in guar-based polysaccharides to deliver outstanding all-weather style durability. It was developed to give a uniquely strong sustainability profile offering naturally derived, biodegradable, vegan and clean INCI claims in hair styling, conditioning, and treatment formulations. Styleze es-dura ingredient was designed to be highly versatile, so formulators can easily create both modern and traditional styling products which deliver naturally flawless styles and crisp curl definition, without weighing down the hair.

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Skin care
Caressense™ biofunctional powers love’s ageless beauty over time. This phytofermented extract from fresh, organic jasmine flowers is sustainably grown in Provence, France. It is inspired by research on the connection between skin and emotions, and the “science of love.” It can activate biologically the sensors of touch, releasing “feel-good” molecules inside the skin. The product delivers age-relaxing benefits with emotional, well-feeling improved immune defense, and a healthy-looking effect. Caressense biofunctional was developed using the power of a novel, sustainable, patented phytofermentologytechnology, creating a unique signature composition. It unveils bountiful and bioactive phytonutrients such as flower peptides and polyphenols for the beauty of skin while emphasizing new trends about “love beauty” and “emotional beauty” along with health and wellness tendencies for good-mood and feel-good mindcare.

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Microbial protection
Sensiva™ go natural multifunctional is a COSMOS validated, 100 percent natural origin based, and readily biodegradable new multifunctional with antimicrobial properties. It has broad spectrum efficacy combined with well-known humectant properties. The carefully selected ingredients are highly effective and gentle on the skin. Its wide applicability, effectiveness and broad pH range make it the perfect fit for natural-driven formulations around the globe.

Ashland also highlighted the following innovations that the company introduced last fall:
Texturpure™ sa-1 ingredient for hair care, a naturally derived and biodegradable thickening, texturing and suspension agent for sustainable hair, hand and body care cleansers. Inspired by the global trends for clean INCI, naturally derived and sustainable personal care formulations, this sustainable ingredient delivers a rich, smooth and luxuriously viscous texture with a clean break on pouring and suspension of oils and actives in shampoos and cleansing systems. Utilizing Ashland’s expertise in sustainable polysaccharide technologies, texturpure sa-1 ingredient was developed to be naturally derived according to ISO 16128, sustainably and ethically sourced, and biodegradable. The product incorporates a specific ratio of high performance clean INCI ingredients in order to deliver a sensorial effect and yield value, which match or surpass many leading synthetics.

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Natrathix™ bio cellulose for skin care enables more natural skin textures. This sustainable innovation is a nature-derived, readily biodegradable thickener with suspension capabilities that maintains emulsion stability of skin and sun care formulations while delivering a desirable skin feel. Developed through Ashland’s market leading expertise in sustainably sourced cellulosics and rheology modification, natrathix bio cellulose enables the creation of more natural skin care creams, lotions and gels, including organic and inorganic sunscreen formulations, with the texture, skin feel and sustainability that consumers demand.  Natrathixbio cellulose is non-GMO, vegan suitable and globally compliant.  This versatile rheology modifier is electrolyte and minerals tolerant, effective across a wide pH range (4-8), cold processible, and does not require neutralization.  It is a great alternative to carbomers in formulations.

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Ashland also highlighted the recently launched antaron™ eco gel, a biodegradable, water-resistant film former for lighter, non-greasy sun care and cosmetics applications. It is easy to use because it requires less time and heat to incorporate in formulations. This novel product provides excellent water resistance and improves the sustainability of sunscreen or cosmetic formulations. It is also vegan suitable.

“As a global leader in personal care solutions, Ashland is taking a leading position in natural, nature-derived and biodegradable ingredients, polysaccharide-based rheology, premium biofunctionals actives, microbial protection, hair fixatives, and more” said Xiaolan Wang, senior vice president and general manager, personal care. “We have built ESG into our operating plans so that as we innovate, we take a thoughtful approach to our sustainable portfolio of products.”

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Responsibly solving for a better world
During in-cosmetics Global, Ashland showcased the first of a series of sustainable business initiatives, which resulted in positive economic, environmental and social impacts from the company’s recently announced Responsible Solvers™ program.

In partnership with the SM Sehgal Foundation, in 2021 Ashland initiated a STEM education program applying scientific solutions for sustainable farming to increase the volume of guar harvested annually while respecting the sourcing relationships and local cultures of small village farmers in the Sriganganagar district of Rajasthan, India. The relationships are critical to Ashland, which uses guar to formulate specialty ingredients such as styleze™ es-dura ingredient for personal care, life sciences and coatings applications.

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The pilot program included 250 farms from 10 villages. Using modern technologies, farmers were taught sustainable agronomic practices and water conservation. The program’s successful results include helping farmers lower their production cost while increasing their crop yield by approximately 30 percent. In addition, the program has helped increase farmers’ income, thus expanding the local economy in the small villages.

At the same time, Ashland’s commitment to gender equality led to specific training focused on the local female population to empower them, improve their technical knowledge and skills, and help elevate their standard of living. Based on the success of the pilot, Ashland is moving forward with plans to increase the number of farms to 5,000 by 2025.

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In addition to aiding the farmers with guar production, Ashland’s Responsible Solvers mindset led the team to also provide training and other technical guidance for mustard and wheat crops during the guar off-season. This training also improved the yield of these crops, making a holistic impact on the farmers’ annual income.  

“Driven by our desire for profitable, sustainable growth and global megatrends in the resilient markets that we have selected, Ashland is increasing the speed of our innovations, while proactively and consciously focusing on their holistic impact for customers, the environment and the welfare of society,” said Guillermo Novo, chair and chief executive officer, Ashland. “More than a year ago, Ashland integrated ESG into our strategic operating plans, and globally, we are continuing to take an earnest and heartfelt approach towards profitable innovation, sustainability and positive impacts for the local communities in which we operate.”

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Ashland plans to share more success stories and best practices from the Responsible Solvers program in the weeks and months to come.  To learn more, visit and and

About Ashland 
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